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Professional large crane handling installation company

Professional factory,Mechanical handling equipment,The pearl river delta handling equipment installation and so on

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Gen dragon handling won many well-known enterprises of the trust and recognition
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Equipment relocation
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No matter how hard、How multiple、More precise、Don't have to worry about、Let us save a lot of problems for you!
A dragonThree big advantage

That's why many customers choose us

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Pooling in the industry for many years experienced engineer

Gen dragon handling together for many years rich experience of engineers in the industry,Is trained、The experienced
Professional lifting team,Has more than a mechanical engineer,All kinds of technical personnel more than,All kinds of the holder
Post a number of special operations personnel。

Import the accessory equipment professional handling installation tools

Company maintains lorry-mounted crane20-500T、Special transport vehicles more than 20 Taiwan,Forklift truck3T-16TRented out,
The other full of pure imported large tanks、Jack、High-end technology of air cushion、Special to clean the car
Precision equipment、High precision equipment equilibrium is in place、On the cover shows moving tools and services, etc。

Customized for your professional services

The company since was established based on profound expertise、Safe operation、Strict management、Adhering to the innovation
Letter sound realistic,Business philosophy to forge ahead,Make the enterprise comprehensive strength has reached the industry forefront,For many years
Come to my company for foreign companies、State-owned enterprises outside the province、In the、Small business provides safety and quality
The service。

Gen dragon 10 nodes one-stop service
Make handling service industry benchmarking
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Dongguan city and the dragon and handling equipment installation co., LTD

Dongguan, a dragon and handling equipment installation co., LTD., is by the ministry of transport,Industrial and commercial bureau registered,Has the qualifications of independent legal representive.it is also the professional mechanical and electrical equipment installation transportation co., LTD,The company after years of development,More than existing crane、Forklift truck、Flat car Such as transportation and hoisting tools,And has a group of high quality、Trained field service workers。Our company provides professional factory,Mechanical handling equipment、The pearl river delta equipment handling installation、Large equipment installation、Heavy equipment handling installation、Imported equipment handling installation、Nc machine tool handling installation。Is a large-scale professional lifting and the most powerful...... To view more
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News and information
Simple to understand the big six skills for handling company

Must clearly when looking for transportation company to negotiate、True、Tell each other about the following content in detail,In order to estimate handling fees。And the handling company to negotiate the details of the technique has the following points......

News and information
Factory relocation needs to pay attention to four points

Factory to move for an enterprise,Safety is always first,The most basic,The main safety issues involved in is the safety and equipment dismantling and personnel......

Common problemsCommon problems
Question and answer
We should pay attention to what the heavy equipment lifting?
Special type of hoisting homework personnel must hold。Lifting is greater than the total10Tons of objects,To deal with《Hoisting safety type》......
Question and answer
Lines of security issues
Production line project time limit is specified in the contract,Project can be finished at the same time involves the owner and the contractor......
Question and answer
How to know the reason why equipment hoisting accident?
We all know that there are many kinds of hoisting the cause of the accident,We need to pass specific analysis、Serious investigation、Can scientific argument......
Question and answer
What matters on hoisting equipment safety?
We often meet the loading of the equipment、Luck、Installation and so on a work,Whether the boom lifting or mechanical lifting should pay attention to the following points......
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